Phone Screen Repair FAQs

When you use cell phones every day, you may eventually have to deal with a broken or cracked phone screen. If it has never happened to you before, you may have some questions concerning the repair or the phone itself. The following frequently asked questions and answers regarding phone screen repair can be very helpful.

Will my cell phone insurance cover the repair?

In some instances, your cell phone insurance will recover the cost of a screen replacement or phone screen repair. However, this is entirely dependent upon the type of insurance you have and the damage to the phone. You should contact your insurance company immediately and inquire whether you can receive a discounted or free repair.

Should I try to fix the screen myself?

It is possible to replace your cell phone screen yourself.Screens and repair kits are available in a variety of shops. However, there are a few things youíll want to consider. Can you follow instructions fairly well in order to repair the screen? Will your phoneís warranty be voided if you attempt to repair the screen yourself? If you believe you can fix the screen yourself, itís possible to save money but you should consider all options before making a decision.

What is the cheapest method of repair?

This is another topic that is simply dependent upon several variables. Most people consider a DIY fix to be cheaper. However, should you end up damaging the phone more, you may have to pay more to have it fixed. Going through a professional repair service can be very affordable, but you may save money by going through your manufacturer if you have insurance on the phone.

How much does a replacement screen cost?

The replacement screen cost will depend upon the type of phone you have. For a phone that isnít a smart phone, you could get the replacement screen for as cheap as $15. However, if youíre purchasing a screen for a top-of-the-line smart phone, you could pay as much as $170. Looking online and comparing prices from different companies is the best way to find the most affordable replacement screen.

What if I replace my screen and the phone doesnít work?

If you have replaced your screen and the touch screen doesnít work, it could be that more than just the screen was damaged on the phone. In a situation like this, itís best to send it to a professional repair service or to your manufacturer so they can troubleshoot the issue and repair the phone completely.

Should I wait for an upgrade?

Many people who are dealing with cracked or broken phones may want to wait for an upgrade, especially if their upgrade is in the near future. If the phone is in working condition and is just lightly scratched or cracked (with no glass coming out of the phone), then you may be able to wait. However, if the crack is severe or if the screen is shattered with glass actually coming out of the phone, then itís best to have the phone repaired immediately.

A little investigation on your part can help you determine the best action to take when dealing with a cracked or broken cell phone screen.