Average Cost of Repairing a Phone Screen and Tips to Save

Itís true that repairing a phone screen will not cost as much as replacing the entire phone, but itís still important to know what youíre looking at as far as cost. While the cost may differ depending upon the type of phone you have, itís possible to get a good ballpark estimate of what you can expect to pay.

Purchasing a New Screen

The cost of a new screen will depend upon several variables, including what type of phone you have and where you purchase the screen from. For instance, at some online parts stores, Nokia LCD replacement screens are about $15 while iPhone replacement screens run closer to $50. The Samsung Galaxy S3 digitizer and screen replacement runs about $180. By comparing different shops, you can find the most affordable replacement screen for your particular cell phone.

Tools Needed

In order to properly change out the screen for any type of cell phone, youíre going to need some special tools. Typically, tool kits consist of very small screw drivers, pry tools, tweezers and additional tools that may come in handy during the process. Sometimes, the repair kits are thrown in as a free gift when you buy a replacement screen, but this is not always the case. These tools typically cost between $15 and $30, depending upon the retailer you go through.

Total Cost for DIY Replacement

Considering the screen as well as the tools you will need to replace it, youíre probably going to end up paying between $40 and $250. If your cell phone is a smart phone with a touch screen, the cost is naturally going to be higher, and may involve more difficulty to fix. Itís important to remember that some warranties will be voided if you open the phone rather than going through the manufacturing company to have the screen replaced. However, you will want to consider the cost of that as well.

Having the Screen Professionally Replaced

If you want to have a professional replace the screen on your phone, you have two options. You can either go through the manufacturing company (i.e. Apple for iPhones) or you can choose to go through a professional repair company that isnít associated with the manufacturer. The cost will depend upon your decision. Apple typically charges no less than $200 to repair a cracked screen, but if you have insurance, you may not need to pay that entire amount. Professional repair companies generally charge between $50 and $170 to repair a cracked screen, depending upon which phone you have.

In order to determine how to save the most money when trying to repair your phoneís cracked screen, youíll want to do a little research and comparison first. If youíre worried about voiding the warranty on your phone, you may want to go through the manufacturer but if youíre not particularly worried about that, you may want to attempt to replace the screen yourself and save money.