Tips on How to Use a Phone Screen Repair Kit

Individuals who plan to fix their cracked or broken cell phone screen themselves will need to use a repair kit. This is a tool kit that can be purchased with the screen or separately that contains the tools needed to extract the broken screen and to replace it with the new one. Most of the tools in the kit are self-explanatory, but those who are unfamiliar with these tool kits may need a little education on how to use them.

What the Kits Usually Contain

Usually, the kits will come with between 8 and 10 pieces – all tools that will make changing out your cell phone screen easier. It will usually contain several screwdrivers, each with different size heads that are different shapes. Most kits contain 1 or 2 different pry tools, a suction cup tool and a “pick” tool. Some will come with magnifying glasses to make it easier to see the small parts you’re working with. Typically, these kits are universal but there are some kits created specifically for a certain type or brand of phone.

Working with the Screwdrivers

The screwdrivers come as small as T6 and T5. These are screwdrivers which contain starburst-shaped heads with 6 points each. The T6 screwdriver is slightly larger than the T5, so you can choose the one that fits the screws on your cell phone. The kits typically also contain a star-shaped head (5 points) and a cross head (cross-shaped) which is also commonly thought of as a Phillip’s head screwdriver. Depending upon the phone you have, you may need to use one or more of these screwdrivers to remove screws. Working on a clean, well-lit surface can help you keep track of the screws as you remove them.

Working with the Pry Bars

The pry bars and the pick are both used to help you remove the screen. Since cell phones are mostly small and streamlined, there isn’t usually a lot of room to get your fingers in there and remove the screen. Therefore, the pry tools can be gently inserted at the sides, top or bottom of the screen and then used to pry the screen up and out of place. If you’re working with a cracked or broken screen that has shards or splinters of glass, you may want to use a piece of tape to help you remove the screen without having the glass shatter or fall everywhere.

The Suction Cup and Pick

The pick tool is similar to the pry bars. It is used to pry up the screen in areas where it’s a tight fit. The suction cup can be helpful as well. Most of the time, this tool has a small key-ring attached to it. This allows you to affix the suction cup to the screen (best for cracked or scratched but not shattered or broken screens) and then use the ring to pull up on the screen, removing it from the phone.

Although it may take a little bit of patience and some investigating depending upon the type of phone you have, the repair kit makes changing the screen yourself a lot easier.